18 & 19 August 2012
East Oxford Community Centre


All times subject to change

Saturday 18 August

Doors open 10 a.m. Bar open from 10 for coffee, 12 for drinks.

  • 12:00–13:00. Panel: Good, Clean, Knockabout Fun! Publisher Tony Bennett joins artists Hunt Emerson, Krent Able and Brick to talk about the 32 years of the controversial British comics company. More…

  • 13:30–15:30. WORKSHOP with Al Davison. ‘The Alchemist's Easel: a rough guide to drawing the unconscious’

  • 14:30–16:00. Panel: Shedding Light on the Dark Art of Editing Comics. Woodrow Phoenix and Rob Davis (Nelson), Corinne Pearlman, John Anderson, other guests TBC

  • 16:30–17:30. Panel: Myriad Editions. Corinne Pearlman discusses the output of the company alongside Woodrow Phoenix (Rumble Strip), Darryl Cunningham (Science Tales), Nicola Streeten (Billy, Me & You) and Gareth Brookes (The Black Project ). More…

  • 21:00. Quiz by Tony Hitchman, ‘Dangerous when wet

Doors close 23:00

Sunday 19 August

Doors open 10 a.m. Bar open from 10 for coffee, 12 for drinks.

  • 11.00–13:00. Bar Panel: Comic Gosh!p Book Club (escaping from London) with Maus (Art Spiegelman) & My Cardboard Life (Philippa Rice). Try to (re)read one or both of these before the panel so you can join in! More…

  • 12:00–14:00. Workshop Jeremy Day’s Quick and Dirty Awesome Swimsuit Special Workshop-a-thon.

  • 12:30–13:30. Panel: Playing in Someone Else’s Sandbox (Self-published vs licensed characters). Richy Chandler (Wallace & Grommit) , David Baillie (via video!—TNMT in Russia), Charles Cutting and Robin Etherington.

  • 14.00–15:00. Panel: The Phoenix: A Gallimaufry of Graphical Goodness. Daniel Hartwell (writer on ‘Pirates of the Pangaea’), Neill Cameron (artist on ‘Pirates of the Pangaea’, Adam Murphy (‘Corpse Talk’), Robin Etherington (writes ‘Long Gone Don’)

  • 15.30–16:30. Panel. America is not the Only Fruit. looking outside Anglo / American comics for inspiration, with manga creators Rebecca Burgess, Sarah Burgess, Joe Morgan and Jade Sarson, and bandes-desinées-inspired David O'Connell (Tozo) and Garen Ewing (The Rainbow Orchid).

Doors Close 17:00