Caption 2009 is Away with the Faries

15–16 August 2009
East Oxford Community Centre

CAPTION 2009: Ten Years in the Digital World (D’Blog of ’Israeli)

9 January 2010

D’Israeli D’Emon D’Raftsman looks back on ten years of creating comics entirely in the informational womb of the computer—a practice he started with his comic strip for SpaceCAPTION1999.

Nuala from Sandman: The Kindly Ones, a convention sketch for CAPTION 2009 by D’Israeli; Sandman © 2009 Vertigo/DC Comics

Younger readers may find it difficult to believe, but there was a time when comics artists did all their work on paper with pencils, pens and ink. Nowadays computers and digital artwork have become part of the process for practically everyone. In this post on his blog, D’Israeli charts his own evolution from ink-breathing analogue artist to fully digital art droid.

What is CAPTION?

Oxford’s annual small-press comics convention is a unique, friendly event that brings comics creators, manga artists, comic-book readers and professionals together to mingle and discuss their work.